About Company

LAFF Co. process in equipped  with high-tech aseptic & canning processing and packaging plants across India,

Due to best manufacturing facilities and quality control measures, LAFF Co. has become a reputed name in the corporate world with its high standards products. The pulp is packed in aseptic bags and cans we use the latest technology in packaging systems. The production capacity of the company is 10 tons per hour of pulp and 3 tons per hour of concentrate by installing an Italian processing plant. Our processing plants are situated in Chittoor, Tamilnadu, Gujarat and Ratnagiri (Southern and western part of India).

To take into account the developing interest in the global market, LAFF Co. has extended its arm in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Iran, Germany, The Netherlands, and Australia.  Etc.

Products we process:

  • Mango Puree and Concentrates (Aseptic, Canning)
  • Papaya Pulp and Concentrates
  • Guava Puree and Concentrates (Aseptic, Canning and)
  • Tomato Paste (Aseptic)
  • All Fruit Powders
  • Fruit Jam
  • Tamarind Paste
  • Indian Ethnic Foods

 LAFF Co. is accredited with the following certifications.

  • ISO 22000-2005